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The future of film:



- investors

- Streamers

- Theaters


PROS: built-in system, clout, opens doors to bigger things with bigger stars and budgets

CONS: impossible to gain entry, cant get funding, big stars/budgets to make splash


Alt 1: Become Film Production arm for Social Media Platforms.

- meet with tiktok, instagram, YouTube 

- shoot films in both portrait/landscape

- release film as a whole piece OR most likely, in 3 minutes or less scene chunks.

- can use influencers as leverage

- eyeballs already there

PROS: don’t need “stars”, easier point of entry

CONS: they may not want us, may not have budget, audience might not care


Alt 2: Make our own app like Tubi BUT mostly with influencers. Tentatively called “Narrative”

- we become the “narrative filmmaking” arm of these influencers. “To see my new shows, go to my “Narrative”

PROS: we own it (we are studio), we build relationships with influencers and management, we become the go-to for narrative content for today’s celebrities

CONS: need lots of money, may be no audience since we are making them download new app, 

Alt 3: Self-fund method

- we all chip in, make our own movies, VOD or get brands to help pay

PROS: we control it, we get all profits

CONS: risky, may not get money back, maybe not sustainable 


Alt 4: The “Experience” method

- Movies become more like concerts
- We get "pre-sales" to our films and use that to pay for showcase costs.

- Sell merch, VIP packages, showcase the influencers/celebrities from our film.

- outdoor experiences, college campuses, "touring" the film 

PROS: We found a new niche that people might pay money for, built-in audences if we go to colleges, frats/sororities, camps, etc.

CONS: Venues might not spend enough money to cover our costs or our productions for our just-made films or future films.

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